Bespoke Virtual Events

While the world went into lockdown we doubled-down to create veventaas. the worlds’ first fully-customizable, full-stack virtual event platform. Broadcast quality, professional technical production, bullet-proof technology, unparalleled attendee engagement and analytics, and all in the cloud at a cost less than half of most other virtual events.

The veventaas approach

Our approach combines pre-recorded and live-streamed content to create a digital experience that’s indistinguishable from a 100% live event. Using our unique cloud backup technology we take the pressure off of you and your presenters and provide you with a completely integrated end-to-end solution, from production to delivery, registration to analytics.

The details


A powerful production studio with near broadcast like capabilities to do animations, overlays, transitions, multiple camera angles, and nearly unlimited creative possibility.


An experienced team that will make sure every detail is attended to. We will create the full workflow for your event to make sure the user experience is seamless and engaging


A custom built web event interface for all aspects of your event from registration to post-event on-demand delivery


Encoding and streaming of your event anywhere in the world on any device


Data-driven analytics to help you identify your attendees’ interests and trends


Broadcast redundancy and a fully integrated fail-safe digital twin of the event that jumps in autonomoulsy or manually if the broadcast signal goes down, ensuring 100% reliability for you and your atendees.