What makes us unique.

Veventaas Co-founder Tom Koulopoulos Explains the Veventaas difference in Engagement and Ease of Production

Fully Fault-Tolerant and Secured Events

Veventaas is the industry’s only fully fault-tolerant virtual event platform. What that means for you is simple. No matter what happens to your live broadcast, the Veventaas Virtual Event as a Service solution has the intelligence to autonomously or manually go to a cloud backup instantly if it senses a break in the primary broadcast signal. We also use premier industry-standard OAuth 2.0 security. What all that means is that your broadcast will always go as planned no matter what, taking the risk off of you and assuring that your attendees always get a quality experience that reflects positively on your brand.

Attendee Engagement

Veventaas is built on a philosophy of engagement. Not only are we experts with 30 years in the events business but we understand that you cannot just lift-and-shift an event from real-world to a virtual platform. Some other virtual event platforms try to mimic the real world and end up just coming off as awkward and contrived. They force attendees to behave online as they would in a physical space. Instead, we leverage the power of the online medium. We’ve invested in understanding the many nuances of how people behave online. Everything from our approach to polling and Q&A, and visual presentations, to the specific graphics we use are all well-researched to maximize attendee attention and participation.

Fully Customized

Our end-to-end solutions make sure that we are there for every step of your virtual event experience. We build events that reflect your brand and are catered to your audience. We even provide experienced and knowledgeable hosts to help create the continuity needed to bring an event together from just a series of presentations to a single integrated and powerful message.

The Best Value of any Virtual Event Solution

When we built the Veventaas solution we had three things in mind;  always put the attendee at the center, create a new level of engagement that no one else delivers, and  build a platform that even a two-person team could use to run an entire event with hundreds or thousands of attendees and dozens of speakers. We know it sounds crazy, but we’ve done just that. The result is the most cost effective solution on the market, whether we show you how to run your event or we do it for you. You will end up with quality and value that would have cost many times more with any other solution.