Thirty years of event experience.

Tom Koulopoulos


Dan Keldsen


Our Approach

At Veventaas we understand the many nuances that make an event great.
We’ve been producing events for over 30 years. Our founders built one of the world’s premier Inc 500 event companies, which pioneered the use of web-based video as early as 2001.
While we understand all of the technical aspects of online event production and have built one of the most powerful and flexible platforms for virtual events, we also know what it takes to keep attendees engaged and entertained—something most online events simply can’t do. And we do it all with the look and feel of your brand—a custom event the aligns with your image rather than an uninspiring out-of-the-box commodity look and feel.
Best of all we build end-to-end solutions for your events, taking the headaches and pressure off of you. We work with you to build content, manage speakers, produce, and deliver your event, and then provide the engagement analytics you need to keep your events evergreen.
And all of this within a reasonable budget.
While nothing can ever take the place of an in-person event, a great stage, and the energy of a room filled with hundreds or thousands of people, Veventaas can build virtual events that offer an alternative when travel is not possible, when you want to continue being engaged with your customers or prospects online, and as a way to support and augment your in-person events.
We’re resetting the bar for what a virtual event should be.
Veventaas, expect more!